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  • Hello Dr. Seema,

    If you interested collaboration or contribute book's chapter (I'm the Editor of Pan Standford) please don't hesitate to contact me through Email: or in Skype: kaushik.pal9. You may share your phone number, I can call you.

  • Hi,

      In our group we are looking for PhD and Postdoctoral position in our institution, Wuhan University, China.

    Wuhan University (WHU),located in the central region of China, Wuhan, Hubei province, is a comprehensive and one of the top universities. The world renowned journal Science listed Wuhan University as one of the most prominent institutions of higher education in China. Learn more about WHU here:

    What You Will Do:

    The group is looking for a creative, postdoctoral to join our interdisciplinary team. The successful candidate will take a role in numerical modeling of energy related topics as well as experimental research. Experience with numerical modeling (e.g. first principle calculations, molecular dynamic simulations, finite element, finite difference, Fluid Mechanics, but not limited in above mentioned) for energy-related research topics( PV-based solar cells or any optoelectronics, lithium -batterys, wind energy, etc. but not limited in above mentioned) is desired. Researchers with experience and expertise in the development and implementation of lifetime prediction for optoelectronics will also match well with some projects ongoing.


    Relevant areas of experience might include quantum chemical method development, high-accuracy electronic structure calculations (specifically, coupled-cluster, many-body perturbation, and symmetry-adapted perturbation theories), non-covalent and many-body interactions, condensed phase effects, energy decomposition analysis, and machine learning applied to molecular systems. Specific knowledge of any particular area is less critical, however, than exceptional intellectual ability and a record of creativity and accomplishment.  Successful candidates will contribute to the development of more accurate force fields for bio-molecular simulation.

    The candidate is very expected to publish in peer-reviewed journals. We strongly encourage outstanding candidates to apply the positions if you have a good publications record or potential. Any academic background will be well considered.


    1. Candidates with good publications record can be discussed individually in email and skype ,et c.--confidential. 

    2. The performance-based reward can be negotiated personally (pay immediately);

    3. Providing housing subsidies, ANY consideration can be negotiated case by case.

    you can apply with your CV to

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Kaushik Pal

  • Welcome to  Nano paprika...

  • I am Really Interested your brief profile,I am waiting to communicate with you through this community.

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