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Preparation of new advanced materials from natural polymers.

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Polymer nano composites

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No. Name of Authors Title of Paper Name of the journal, volume, year and page 1 Kamalesh Prasad*, P. Bahadur, Ramavatar Meena and A.K Siddhanta Facile solvent free synthesis of polymerized sucrose functionalized polyoxyethylene (23) lauryl ether by microwave irradiation. Green Chemistry (RSC) 2008, 10, 1288-1293. 2 Kamalesh Prasad*, Arun K. Das, Mihir D. Oza, Harshad Brahmbhatt, Arup K. Siddhanta, Ramavatar Meena , K. Eswaran, M.R Rajyaguru and Pushpito K. Ghosh Detection and quantification of some plant growth regulators in a seaweed-based foliar spray employing a mass spectrometric technique sans chromatographic separation J Agr. Food Chem. (ACS) 2010. Accepted. 3 Naresh Sanandiya, Kamalesh Prasad*, Ramavatar Meena and A. K. Siddhanta Impact Factor (2008) = 0.6 Cellulose of Salicornia brachiata Natural Product Communications (NPC Inc.). 2010 Accepted. 4 Kamalesh Prasad, Yoshiro Kaneko and Jun-ichi Kadokawa Novel Gelling Systems of k-, i-, and l-Carrageenans and Their Composite Gels with Cellulose Using Ionic Liquid Macromolecular Bioscience (Wiley), 2009, 9, 376-382 # 5 Kamalesh Prasad, Hironori Izawa, Yoshiro Kaneko, and Jun-ichi Kadokawa Preparation of temperature-induced shapeable film material from guar gum-based gel with an ionic liquid, J. Mat. Chem.(RSC) 2009, 19, 4088–4090 # This paper has been highlighted in the NEWS of chemical science (RSC) : Chemical Science, Vol 9, 2009 and got very favorable comments from experts. 6 Kamalesh Prasad, Masa-aki Murakami, Yoshiro Kaneko, Akihiko Takada, Yoshifumi Nakamura, and Jun-ichi Kadokawa, Weak Gel of Chitin with Ionic Liquid, 1-Allyl-3-methylimidazolium Bromide Int. J Biol. Macromol. (Elsevier), 2009, 45, 221-225. 7 Kamalesh Prasad and Jun-ichi Kadokawa Preparation of robust composite materials composed of -carrageenan and polymeric ionic liquids Polymer Composites. (Wiley) DOI : 10.1002/pc.20862; In Press 8 Kamalesh Prasad, Shozaburo Mine, Yoshiro Kaneko, Jun-ichi Kadokawa Preparation of oil templated porous materials from cellulose and starch in polymeric ionic liquids Polymer Bulletin, (Springer) 2010, 64, 341-349 9 Kamalesh Prasad., Siddhanta, A. K., Ganesan, M. Ramavat, B K. Jha, B and Ghosh, P. K. Agars of Gelidiella acerosa of west and southeast coasts of India. Bioresource Technology, (Elsevier), 2007, 98, 1907-1915. 10 Kamalesh Prasad., Meena, Ramavatar and A.K Siddhanta, Microwave induced rapid one pot synthesis of -carrageenan-graft-PMMA using potassium persulphate as initiating system J Appl polym Sci, (Wiley) 2006, 101, 161-166. 11 Kamalesh Prasad., Mehta, Gaurav., Meena, Ramavatar and Siddhanta, A.K. Hydrogel forming agar-graft-PVP and carrageenan-graft-PVP blends: Rapid synthesis and characterization. J Appl polym Sci, (Wiley) 2006,102, 3654-3663. #12 Kamalesh Prasad., Siddhanta, A. K., Rakshit, A. K., Bhattacharya, Amit and Ghosh, Pushpito K. On the properties of agar gel containing ionic and nonionic surfactants. Int. J. Biol. Macromol. (Elsevier), 2005, 35, 135-144. # Listed among the top 25 hottest articles on Int. J. Biol. Macromol (Elsevier Science) during the April- June, 2005. 13 Kamalesh Prasad*, Meena, Ramavatar and A.K Siddhanta A new approach to functionalize agar and kappa carrageenan based thin films with improved barrier properties J Polym Mat, 2008, 25, 373-380. 14 Kamalesh Prasad* Chemical and Rheological studies on Seaweed Polysaccharides (PhD thesis summary). Appl. Rheol. (Kerschensteiner Verlag Germany) 2006, 16:1, 32-34. 15 Kamalesh Prasad., Goswami, A.M., Meena, Ramavatar., Ramavat, B.K and Siddhanta. A.K. Superior quality agar from Gelidiella acerosa of the west coast of India: An evaluation. Indian J of Marine Sci, (NISCAIR) 2006, 35 (3), 268-274. 16 Kamalesh Prasad., Trivedi, Keyur., Meena Ramavatar and Siddhanta, A.K. Physical modification of agar: Formation of agar-fatty acid complexes. Polymer Journal (SPSJ) 2005. 37, 826-832. 17 Kamalesh Prasad*., Trivedi, Keyur., Siddhanta, A.K. and Bhattacharya, Amit. Surface tension and fluorescence studies of polysaccharide-surfactant solutions: Agar-CTAB. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A(NISCAIR) 2005, 44 A (12), 2445-2449. 18 Gayatri Prasad, Kamalesh Prasad,* Ramavatar Meena, B K Ramavat and A K Siddhanta Induction of PMMA functionality to the polysaccharide from Chaetomorpha antennina. J Mat. Sci. (Springer) 2009, 44, 4062-4068, 19 Meena, Ramavatar, Kamalesh Prasad, Ganesan, M., Siddhanta, A.K. An improved process for extraction of agar from some Gracilaria species J Appl. Phycology (Springer) 2008, 20, 397- 402 #20 Meena, Ramavatar, Kamalesh Prasad, Siddhanta, A.K, Development of a stable hydrogel network based on agar-kappa carrageenan blend cross-linked with genipin Food Hydrocolloids (Elsevier), 2009, 23, 497-509 # [Featured in ‘’ in the category Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development. ] 21 Meena, Ramavatar., Kamalesh Prasad and Siddhanta, A.K Preparation of Genipin fixed agarose hydrogel J Appl polym Sci,(Wiley) 2007, 107, 290-296 22 Meena, Ramavatar., Kamalesh Prasad and Siddhanta, A.K. Properties of the genipin-fixed kappa-carrageenan Int. J. Biol. Macromol. (Elsevier), 2007, 41, 94-101 23 Meena, Ramavatar., Kamalesh Prasad and Siddhanta, A.K, Studies on ‘sugar reactivity’ of agars extracted from some Indian agarophytes Food Hydrocolloids, (Elsevier), 2006, 20, 1206-1215 24 Meena, Ramavatar., Kamalesh Prasad and Siddhanta, A.K Synthesis of Carrageenan- graft-PAAm : Evaluation of its adhesive and absorbent properties’. J Appl polym Sci, (Wiley) 2006,102, 5144-5153 25 A K Siddhanta, Kamalesh Prasad,Ramavatar Meena, Gayatri Prasad, Gaurav K Mehta, Mahesh U Chhatbar, Mihir D Oza, Sanjay Kumar, Naresh Sanandia Profiling of cellulose content in Indian seaweed species Bioresource Technology, (Elsevier), 2009, 100, 6669-6673. 26 Meena, Ramavatar., Mahesh Chatbar, Kamalesh Prasad and Siddhanta, A.K. Development of a robust hydrogel system based on agar and sodium alginate blend Polymer International, ( Wiley) 2008, 57, 329-336 27 Meena, Ramavatar; Siddhanta, A.K, Kamalesh Prasad, Ramavat, B.K.; Eswaran; K. Thiruppathi, Ganesan, M. A. Mantri, Vaibhav and Subba Rao. P V Preparation, characterization and benchmarking of agarose from Gracilaria dura of Indian waters. Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier), 2007, 69, 179-188 28 Singh, S. Santinath, Siddhanta, A. K., Meena Ramavatar, Kamalesh Prasad, Bandyopadhyay, S and H. B. Bohidar Intermolecular complexation and phase separation in aqueous solutions of oppositely charged biopolymers Int. J. Biol. Macromol (Elsevier), 2007, 41, 185-192. 29 Mahesh U Chhatbar, Ramavatar Meena, Kamalesh Prasad and A.K. Siddhanta Agar/sodium alginate-graft-polyacrylonitrile, a stable hydrogel system, Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A: (NISCAIR) 2009, 46A, 1085-1090 30 K Kuperkar, L Abezgauz, D Danino, Kamalesh Prasad, P.A. Hassan and P Bahadur Formation and Growth of Micelles in Dilute Aqueous CTAB Solutions in the presence of NaNO3 and NaClO3’ J Surfact Deterg (Springer) DOI 10.1007/s11743-009-1173-z 31 Mahesh Chhatbar, Ramavatar Meena, Kamalesh Prasad and A. K. Siddhanta Microwave assisted rapid method for hydrolysis of sodium alginate for M/G ratio determination, Carbohydr. Polym. (Elsevier), 2009, 76, 650-656 32 Gaurav K Mehta, Ramavatar Meena, Kamalesh Prasad, M Ganesan, A K Siddhanta Preparation of galactans from Gracilaria debilis and Gracilaria salicornia. J Appl. Phycology. (Springer)DOI 10.1007/s10811-010-9502-12010, In Press 33 Meena, Ramavatar, Kamalesh Prasad, Ganesan, M., Siddhanta, A.K Preparation of superior quality products from Indian agarophytes J Appl. Phycology (Springer) In press. 34 Mihir D Oza, Ramavatar Meena, Kamalesh Prasad, P Paul and A K Siddhanta, Functional modification of agarose: A facile synthesis of a fluorescent agarose-guanine derivative Carbohydr. Polym. (Elsvier) 2010, In press

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