Blacksburg, VA


August 26

I am...

Chemist, Physicist

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Oxide nanomaterials and thin films (MgO, Mg-Mo-O, Mg-Ce-O, Mg-Ni-O, TiO2, Co3O4, Al2O3), Red emitting phosphors M1-xMoxO4:Eu (M = Mg, Zn, Ca, Ni, Co, Fe), and Energy harvesting materials and Systems

Interest in...

Assistant Research Professor, Assistant Professor or Scientist/Researcher position in the area of Materials Science and Engineering

Publication list

Please See Homepage (page will be updated soon, I have moved to US)

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Researchgroup, Institute, Company, University, School webpage

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