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Biologist, Doctor

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Biomaterials, Medicine, Dentistry

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Biomaterials, Medicine, Dentistry

Publication list

1. Alqurashi H, Khurshid Z, Syed UIY, Habib SR, Rokaya D, Zafar MS. Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK): An emerging biomaterial for oral implants and dental prostheses. J Adv Res 2020 (In Press) (Scopus, Journal Citation Index, IF: 6.99) 2. Amornvit P, Rokaya D, Peampring C, Sanohkan S. Confocal 3D Optical Intraoral Scanners and Comparison of Image Capturing Accuracy. Computers, Materials & Continua 2020 (In Press). (Scopus, Journal Citation Index, IF: 4.86) 3. Heboyan A, Syed AUY, Rokaya D, Cooper P, Manrikyan M, Markaryan M. Cytomorphometric analysis of inflammation dynamics in the periodontium following the use of fixed dental prostheses. Molecules 2020 (In Press) (Scopus, Journal Citation Index, IF: 3.26) 4. Humagain M. Humagain R, Rokaya D. An Impact of COVID-19 on Dentists, Patients, and Dental Practice in Nepal. J Nepal Med Assoc 2020 (In Press). (Scopus, Journal Citation Index, IF: 0.2) 5. Rokaya D, Wanichsetakul P, TirakunwichchaS, Saonanon P. Orientation of the Iris in Ocular Prosthesis Using of a Light Source. J Datta Meghe Institute Med Sci Univ 2020 (In Press). (Scopus) 6. Rokaya D, Rokaya N, Patel JN, Suttagul K, Sah A, Yadav RK. Health Problems and Challenges for Optimal Health Care Delivery in Humla District, Nepal. J Datta Meghe Institute Med Sci Univ (In Press). (Scopus) 7. Rokaya D. Srimaneepong V, Wisitrasameewon W, Humagain M, Thunyakitpisal P. Peri-implantitis Update: Risk Indicators, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Eur Dent J 2020;14(4):664–74 (Scopus, Pubmed) 8. Rokaya D. COVID-19: Prosthodontic Challenges and Opportunities in Dental Practice. J Adv Oral Res 2020;11(1):1–4. (Emerging Science Citation Index) 9. Humagain M. Bhattarai B, Rokaya D. Quackery in dental Practice in Nepal. J Nepal Med Assoc 2020;58(227):543–6. (Scopus, Journal Citation Index, IF: 0.2) 10. Srimaneepong V, Rokaya D, Qin J, Siraleartmukul K, Thunyakitpisal P, Corrosion Resistance of Electrodeposited GO and GO/Ag Coatings on Ni-Ti alloy & its Effects on IL-6 and IL-8 Gene Expression. Sci Rep 2020;10:3274. (Journal Citation Index, IF: 4.12, Scopus) 11. Rokaya D, Srimaneepong V, Sapkota J, Qin J, Siraleartmukul K, Siriwongrungson V. Graphene oxide/Silver nanoparticles coating produced by electrophoretic deposition improved the mechanical and tribological properties of NiTi alloy for biomedical applications. J Nanosci Nanotechnol 2019;19:3804–10. (Journal Citation Index, IF:1.35, Pubmed)

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Walailak University

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