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  • ok!

    when send you me your banner?
  • wait some days with answers!!!

    nice weekend for you
  • Thank you, David. I will check it out.
    You might want to check my NanoArt column on
    Nanotechnology Now - Showcasing NanoArt Works
  • Thanks for the link to that article about memory in rats. About onions, is not recommended to give onions raws or cooked to pets. Both forms are highly toxic. Garlic is ok only in very small amounts. Garlic also contain the same poisonus component found in onions but only in small amounts. I remember during my pathology rotation we performed a necropsy on a dog and we found his stomach was full with chinese food. Because nothing else was found wrong during the necropsy we established that the most reasonable cause of dead was the onions found in the food samples taken from the stomach.
  • Hi: See if you can find that article about pets and nanotech. I would like to read it. Thanks for accepting my invitation.

    PS: Besides chocolate, please add to the list onions and grapes. Those are bad too!

  • Welcome to the NanoScience Network!

    Andras Paszternak, editor
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