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  • hello sir! nice to meet you in nano paprika...I am a student doing my Engineering 4th yr in Metallurgy and Materials as my branch of study.I am interested to do internships at European countries...can you please advice me to do my best.
  • Hello I am a student pursuing my Btech from ece(electronics n communication).
    I request you to drop some suggestions to let me acknowledge about my future plans(MS). I am deeply interested in Nanobiotechnology, specially forensic science,medicines or sumthng related to human anatomy concepts. I would be happy if I would get some interesting suggestions and advices too.Please do tell me that is it feasible, taking my background into consideration to have such kind of interest that is quite different from eachother i request you to suggest some wayz so that i can corelate my interest wth my current stream.
  • dear prof/reseracher, Its prashant kumar, submitting my ph.d thesis on non-lithographic techniques of surface nanostructuring in december 2008 at university of hyderabad. I have experience of thin film coating, synthesis of nanowires, nanodots and characterization by AFM, SEM, VSM, PL spectra, MR measurements, surface plasmons etc and I seek post-doctoral post and for that I require your help, plz. convey to me if you find anything interesting. or else plz. advise how to get into the groove.I can work towards materials science, engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, memory application of nanodots etc or any industrial applications of nanoparticles, nanodots or nanowires.
  • Hi Prashant - Nice to hear from you, I'm afraid I've no experience in advising PhD students on what post-doc to take, but you could check out this page for some info and leads.
  • I m a research scholar in physics and working on a nanotechnology topic on growth and characterization of nanowires and nanodots and am intersted in electroluminiscence and photoluminiscence, surface plasmons, magnetic transport behaviour etc. I will submit my thesis in december 2008. plz. advise me accordingly for my future post doc.
  • Hello sir
    Myself Vedpriya arya working on Biological synthesis of nanoparticles in plants.
    In which field u are working?
  • Not sure where you'd start. There may be a European Union section that doles out money and support for sci-art events or even a local science/art group in Stuttgart.

  • David,
    I am sorry I did not answer faster to your message. I went on your blog. Keep up the good work. I am organizing a NanoArt international festival ( this would be the 2nd edition) in Stuttgart, Germany and I am looking for European sponsors. I would appreciate any idea or help.
  • Okay, hope this works...


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