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  • Dear CRISS , I would like to receive your adhesion to the QUANTUM ATY GROUP ITALY. Very cordially. Paolo Manzelli



    QAGI in Contemporarily ART & Quantum Science aim to promote international activities which demonstrate how developments in science and technology can stimulate innovation in the creative ARTIST's sectors (Picture, Music, Dance,Theatre, and other exibitions and events) , and how the complex ART-sectors can stimulate the emergence of innovative forms of creativity in future science and technology. 
    The "QAGI new renaissance ingernational program", works to highlight this aspect of the reciprocal influence of science (and technology) and contemporary culture to enhance the conceptual background of people by means promoting new forms of innovative culture. 
    So that QAGI program will be a catalyst-tool for the third Millennium approach to "creativity and innovation", based on emerging the importance of multidisciplinary culture in science & humanities, as a new method of a Global Knowledge Society to develop creative expression of new ideas and concepts. -- Paolo Manzelli -

  • hello sir! how are you? i am very glad to meet you here in nanopaprika! can you tell me how to do interships in european countries? i am doing my 3rd yr Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy and Materials Technology in India.
  • dear prof/reseracher, Its prashant kumar, submitting my ph.d thesis on non-lithographic techniques of surface nanostructuring in december 2008 at university of hyderabad. I have experience of thin film coating, synthesis of nanowires, nanodots and characterization by AFM, SEM, VSM, PL spectra, MR measurements, surface plasmons etc and I seek post-doctoral post and for that I require your help, plz. convey to me if you find anything interesting. or else plz. advise how to get into the groove.I can work towards materials science, engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, memory application of nanodots etc or any industrial applications of nanoparticles, nanodots or nanowires.
  • A a sci-art contact in Germany mentioned that perhaps there's a gallery or museum in Stuttgart might assist?

    He's on I passed on your website, so feel free to get in touch with each other...

  • You've got some astounding stuff on there. Any one of those would be a perfect sample to display on SciScoop and get you some attention. I've StumbledUpon your page...

  • Hi

    You might like to post a short new item about NanoArt on The site now has a science in art and art in science section for just such items and images.

  • Welcome to NanoScience Network! Invite your friends, use the Nanocontact chat on the fronpage, discussm...

    Andras Paszternak, the webmaster
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