Ben Arous


July 25

I am...

Physicist, Doctor, Teacher, User of nanotechnology products

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

solar energy matearials (thin films)

Interest in...

elaboration and characterisations of thin films for solar enrgy cells

Publication list

1. B.Ouertani, J.Ouerfelli, M.Saadoun, M.Hajji, M.Kanzari, B.Bessaïs, H.Ezzaouia, N.Hamdadou, and J.C.Bernède, Materials Letters 59 (2005) 734–739, (Transformation of amorphous iron oxide films pre-deposited by spray pyrolysis into FeS2-pyrite films) 2. B.Ouertani, J.Ouerfelli, M.Saadoun, B.Bessaïs, H.Ezzaouia, and J.C.Bernède , Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 87(2005) 501-511, (Transformation of amorphous iron oxide thin films predeposited by spray pyrolysis into a single FeSe2-phase by selenisation) 3. B. Ouertani, J. Ouerfelli, M. Saadoun, B. Bessaïs, H. Ezzaouia, and J.C.Bernède, Materials Characterization 54 (2005) 431– 437, (Characterization of FeS2-pyrite thin films synthesized by sulphuration of amorphous iron oxide films pre-deposited by spray pyrolysis) 4. B. Ouertani, J. Ouerfelli, M. Saadoun, M.Zribi, M Ben Rabha, B. Bessaïs and H.Ezzaouia,Thin Solid Films511-512 (2006)457-462, (Optical and structural properties of FeSe2 thin films obtained by selenization of sprayed amorphous iron oxide films) 5. B. Ouertani, J. Ouerfelli, M. Saadoun, H. Ezzaouia, B. Bessaïs, Thin Solid Films, Volume 516, Issue 23(2008) Pages 8584-8586, (Characterisation of iron oxide thin films prepared from spray pyrolysis of iron trichloride-based aqueous solution) 6. N. Jebbaria, B. Ouertani , M.Ramonda, C. Guasch, N. Kamoun Turkia and R.Bennaceur, Energy Procedia 2 (2010) 79–89, (Structural and Morphological studies of CuIn(1-x)AlxS2 deposited by spray on various substrates) 7. Z. Ben Achour, T. Ktari, B. Ouertani, O. Touayar, B. Bessais and J. Ben Brahim, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume 134, Issue 2, 15 March 2007, Pages 447-451, Effect of doping level and spray time on zinc oxide thin films produced by spray pyrolysis for transparent electrodes applications 8. N. Khedher, M. Hajji, M. Hassen, A. Ben Jaballah, B. Ouertani, H. Ezzaouia, B. Bessais, A. Selmi, R. Bennaceur, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 87 (2005) 605–611, Gettering impurities from crystalline silicon by phosphorus diffusion using a porous silicon layer

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ISSTE (teacher) & CRTEn (researcher)

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