July 20

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Semiconductor devices and Nanotechnology

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Research in the area of Nano science and technology

Publication list

Study of Floating Body Effect in SOI Technology B Vandana International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) 3 (3), 1817-1824 Prospects of 2D Junctionless Channel Transistor (JLCT) Towards Analog and RF Metrics Using Si and SiGe in Device Layer B Vandana, SK Mohapatra, JK Das, BS Patro Journal of Low Power Electronics 13 (3), 536-544 Perception on Nano Computing and its Application TMB B Vandana, JK Das, SK Mohapatra CSI Communications 41 (02), 10-12 Impact on gate oxide material of inverted ‘T’Junctionless FinFET at 22 nm technology node B Vandana, JK Das, SK Mohapatra, MS Jyothi Electronics, Materials Engineering and Nano-Technology (IEMENTech), 2017 1st … Physical insight of junctionless transistor with simulation study of Strained channel B Vandana, BS Patro, JK Das, SK Mohapatra ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications … EXPLORATION TOWARDS ELECTROSTATIC INTEGRITY FOR SIGE ON INSULATOR (SG-OI) ON JUNCTIONLESS CHANNEL TRANSISTOR (JLCT) B Vandana, JK Das, BS Patro, SK Mohapatra Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics and Energetics 30 (3), 383-390 1 GHz High Sensitivity Differential Current Comparator for High Speed ADC BS Patro, S Biswas, I Roy, B Vandana Journal of Digital Integrated Circuits in Electrical Devices 2 (1), 7-12 SiGe on Insulator (SG-OI) on Junctionless Channel Transistor (JLCT): A new device for scaling with improved switching action BV S K Mohapatra, B S Patro, J K Das 2nd International Conference on Micro-electronics, Communication and … Challenges and Limitations of Low Power Techniques: Low Power Methodologies in B Vandana, BS Patro Design and Modeling of Low Power VLSI Systems, 48 A Low Phase Noise Wide Tuning Range CMOS Differential Ring Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Signal Processing BS Patro, B Vandana, SK Mandal International Conference on Communication, Circuits and Systems, 13-15 Low Power Strategies for beyond Moore's Law Era: Low Power Device Technologies and Materials BS Patro, B Vandana Design and Modeling of Low Power VLSI Systems, 27-47

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KIIT University

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