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Biologist, User of nanotechnology products, Nanotech Journalist

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Biomaterials and DNA Nanotechnology

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C. Ashok raja, Balakumar. S, P. Bargavi, P. Rajashree, B. Anandkumar, R. P. George and U. Kamachi Mudali. Decoration of 1-D Nano Bioactive Glass on Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets: Strategies and in vitro Bioactivity Studies. Material Science and Engineering C. 2018; Vol. 90, Pg: 85-94. C. Ashok raja, M Sakar and S Balakumar. A perspective on the hemolytic activity of chemical and green-synthesized silver and silver oxide nanoparticles. Materials Research Express. 2017; Vol. 4, Pg: 105406. C. Ashok raja, S. Balakumar, D. Durgalakshmi, R. P. George, B. Anandkumar and U. Kamachi Mudali. Reduced graphene oxide/nano-Bioglass composites: processing and super-anion oxide evaluation. RSC Advances. 2016; Vol. 6, Pg: 19657-19661. D. Durgalakshmi, R. Ajay Rakkesh, C. Ashok Raja and S. Balakumar. Electrophoretic Deposition of Bioglass/TiO2 nanocomposite on CP-Ti substrates for Biomedical Applications. International Journal of Chemical Research Technology. 2015; Vol. 7, Pg. 755-761. N Venkateshbabu, Mhagan Gowri, S Balakumar, C. Ashok raja, D kandaswamy, V. Ganesh. Disinfection of Dentinal Tubules with Silver Nanoparticles and 2% Chlorhexidine Against Enterococcus faecalis. Journal of Bionanoscience. 2015; Vol. 9. Pg – 63-67. D. Durgalakshmi, S. Balakumar, C. Ashok Raja, Rani P. George and U. Kamachi Mudali. Structural, Morphological and Antibacterial investigation of Ag-Impregnated Sol-Gel derived 45S5 nanoBioglass systems. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 2015; Vol. 15. Pg. 4285-4295. G. Anjana, M. Gowri, C. Ashok Raja, M. Prasath, S. Balakumar, V. Ganesh. Silver nanoparticles as a non alcoholic hospital disinfectant to combat nosocomial pathogens. Journal of Bionanoscience. 2015; Vol. 9, Pg. 102-111. Sakar Mohan, Ashokraja Chandra sekar, Balakumar Subramanian. Surface enhanced Raman scattering studies of silver-gold normal and inverted core-shell nanostructures on their efficiency of detecting molecules. Procedia Engineering. 2014; Vol. 92, Pg. 19-25. P. Dhasarathan, P. Theriappan and C. Ashokraja. Microbial diversity in firework chemical exposed soil and water samples collected in Virudhunagar district. Indian Journal of Microbiology. 2010; Vol. 50, Pg. 46-49.

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