February 14

I am...

Biologist, User of nanotechnology products

My research field or area of interest innanotechnology


Interest in...

Immunology, Immunotoxicology, Drug delivery, Immunometabolism

Publication list

A. K. Dey, A. Gonon, E. I. Pecheur, M. Pezet, C. Villiers, and P. N. Marche. 2021. 'Impact of Gold Nanoparticles on the Functions of Macrophages and Dendritic Cells', Cells, 10. Chen, J., A. Ellert-Miklaszewska, S. Garofalo, A. K. Dey, J. Tang, Y. Jiang, F. Clement, P. N. Marche, X. Liu, B. Kaminska, A. Santoni, C. Limatola, J. J. Rossi, J. Zhou, and L. Peng. 2021. 'Synthesis and use of an amphiphilic dendrimer for siRNA delivery into primary immune cells', Nat Protoc, 16: 327-51. Karpati, S., V. Hubert, I. Hristovska, F. Lerouge, F. Chaput, Y. Bretonniere, C. Andraud, A. Banyasz, G. Micouin, M. Monteil, M. Lecouvey, M. Mercey-Ressejac, A. K. Dey, P. N. Marche, M. Lindgren, O. Pascual, M. Wiart, and S. Parola. 2021. 'Hybrid multimodal contrast agent for multiscale in vivo investigation of neuroinflammation', Nanoscale, 13: 3767-81. A. K. Dey, Abhirup Dasgupta, Vijay Kumar, Aakriti Tyagi, and Anita Kamra Verma. 2015. 'Evaluation of the of antibacterial efficacy of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and tri-sodium citrate (TSC) silver nanoparticles', International Nano Letters, 5: 223-30.

Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name

Institute for Advanced Biosciences

Researchgroup, Institute, Company, University, School webpage

https://Institute for Advanced Biosciences

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