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    Happy New year to you too!


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    I am really grateful to you sir for creating such a group.For students like us who are new to this field can meet many people who are fully into this field and discuss a lot about the innovations happening in this field.thanks a lot sir.


    vishnu pillai

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    It is certainly a fantastic effort..


    Incredible indeed


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    looking forward to a interessting cooperation between nanopaprika and nanofutures
    -particular in supporting the coming Euro Nano Forum 2011 in Hungary
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    Narosa Publishing House is pleased to announce the release of

    Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    M. A. Shah

    Tokeer Ahmad
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    thanks and welcome Andras,
    for building together nanouniversity and nanocity to support scientific research in the world.
    best regards
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    ...The goal in life is living in agreement with nature. - Zeno, philosopher

    GOAL - ...we are here to engage and challenge each other on sustainable design and Green Construction initiative. As jurisdictions around the world, pursue the goal of creating greener, more sustainable communities, the enforcement of a consistent, regulatory framework such as the International Codes will ensure safety of the Global environment...

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    Wow!!! You have made a wonderful effort in connecting the nano community across the globe. I find this to be a platform for all nano science researchers and technologists.

    with warm regards,
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    Teddy Bear
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