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Nanodermatology, skin and soft tissue infections, wound healing, nanotoxicology, nitric oxide, antimicrobials, cosmeceuticals, sunscreens, chemotherapeutics, drug delivery

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(selected) 1.Friedman, A, Han, G, Navati, MH, Chacko, M, Gunther, L, Alfieri, A, Friedman, JM. Sustained Release Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanoparticles: Characterization of a Novel Platform Based on Nitrite Containing Hydrogel/Glass Composites. Nitric Oxide 2008 19(1): 12-20. 2.Martinez, L, Han, G, Chacko M, Mihu, MR, Jacobson, M, Gialanella, P, Friedman, A, Nosanchuk, J, Friedman, JM. Antimicrobial and Healing Efficacy of Sustained Release Nitric Oxide Nanoparticles against Staphylococcus aureus Skin Infections. J Invest. Dermatol. 2009: 129; 2463–2469. 3. Han, G, Zippin, J, Friedman, A. From Bench to Bedside: The Therapeutic Potential of Nitric Oxide in Dermatology. J Drugs Dermatol. 2009; 8(6): 586-591. 4. Friedman, A and Friedman, JM. Novel Biomaterials for the Sustained Release of Nitric Oxide: Past, Present, and Future. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2009; 6(10): 1113-1122. 5.Han, G, Tar, M, Dwarakka, K, Friedman, A, Melman, A, Friedman, JM, Davies, KP. Nanoparticles as a Novel Delivery Vehicle for Therapeutics Targeting Erectile Dysfunction. J Sexu Med. 2010; 7(1 Pt 1):224-33. 6. Martinez, LM, Mihu, MR, Han, G, Cordero, RJB, Casadevall, A, Friedman, A, Friedman, JM, Nosanchuk, JD. Chitosan Effectively Damages Cryptococcus Neoformans Biofilms. Biomaterials 2010; 31(4): 669-79. 7.Zippin, J and Friedman A. An Update on Nanotechnology in Cosmetics and Sunscreens. J Drugs Dermatol. 2009; 8(10): 955-958. 8.Han, G, Martinez, LM, Mihu, MR, Friedman, A, Friedman, JM, Nosanchuk, J. Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanoparticles are Therapeutic for Staphylococcus aureus Abscesses in Murine Model of Infection. PLoS ONE 2009; 4(11): e7804 9.Martinez, LM, Mihu, MR, Tar, M, Cordero, RJB, Han, G, Friedman, A, Friedman, JM, Nosanchuk, JD. Anti-biofilm and Antifungal Efficacy of Chitosan against Candidal Biofilms Using in vivo Central Venous Catheter Model. J Infect Dis. Published online 3/23/10. 10. Cabrales, P, Han, G, Roche C, Nacharaju, P, Friedman, A, Friedman, J. Sustained Release Nitric Oxide from Long Lived Circulation Nanoparticles. Free Rad Med. 2010; 49(4):530-8. Nasir, A and Friedman, A. Nanotechnology and the Nanodermatology Society. J Drugs Dermatol. 2010; 9(7): 879-882. 11.Cabrales, P, Han, G, Nacharaju, P, Friedman, AJ, Friedman, JM. Reversal of Hemoglobin-Induced Vasoconstriction with Sustained Release of Nitric Oxide. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. Published online 11/5/10: doi:10.1152/ajpheart.00665.2010. 12. Han, G, Friedman, A, Friedman, JM. Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization. Nitric Oxide: Methods in Molecular Biology 2011, Volume 704, Part 2, 187-195. 13. Nachuraj, P, Friedman, AJ, Friedman, JM, Cabrales, P. Exogenous Nitric Oxide Prevents Collapse during Hemorrhagic Shock. Resuscitation. Published Online 2/21/11.

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Division of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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