December 12

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My research field or area of interest innanotechnology

Nanoparticles, Gastroretention, Mucoadhesion, Mouth Dissolving, Optimization etc

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Publication list

1. Kharia A. A., Hiremath S., Omray L. K., Yadav R and Godge G. R., “Gastro Retentive Drug Delivery System". Indian Drugs. 48(05); May 2011:7-15. 2. A. A. Kharia, S. N. Hiremath, A. K. Singhai, L. K. Omray and S. K. Jain. “Design and Optimization of Floating Drug Delivery Systems of Acyclovir". Indian J. Pharm. Sci., 72(5); Sept-Oct 2010:599-606. 3. Ankit A. Kharia, Akhlesh Singhai, S.N. Hiremath, L.K. Omray, G.R Godge. “Formulation Strategy for Low Absorption Window Antihypertensive Agent”. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 3(1); Jan-Mar 2010:113-117. 4. S. N. Hiremath, G. R Godge, A. A. Kharia. “Studies on the Preparation, Characterization and Solubility of Β-Cyclodextrin-Nelfinavir Inclusion Complexes”. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Health Care. 3(2); 2010:279-284.

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Oriental College of Pharmacy

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