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    We are pleased to present you our company - NESPL (Neo-Ecosystems and Software Pvt. Ltd.).
    We are dealing in production of metal nano powders, composites, fibers, oxides and research of its’ applications. It may interest you to get more information about our company and product. Our web-site is now available on .
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    Beware resellers!
    Nano Shell doesn't produce any nano particles!
    Only our Company in India has the unic technology of production nano powders!
    Powders received as a result of the proposed technology:
    • Possess heightened chemical activity on reaching cut-off temperatures;
    • sinter in the regime of self-spreading process at extremely low temperatures;
    • easily form inter metal compounds;
    • have lowered activity of electrones output

    Application of our products:
    1. Modifiers of properties of materials:
    - Materials with extremely low factor of a friction (MoS2);
    - Heavy-duty high density materials (W-Ni-Fe);
    - Special composite materials, for example (magnetic Nd-Fe-B, superconductors Ba-Cu-O, Ba-Fe-O).
    2. Heat-generating elements with thermal effect more than 700 kcal/kg.
    3. . Disperse-hardening additives for giving high mechanical properties to ceramic and powder materials (nano fibres of aluminium oxide).
    4. Active elements and covers.
    5. Electro conductive polymers, pastes, paints.
    6. Components RP(rocket propellant), ВP (blasting powder), PC (pyrotechnic compounds) and gunpowder.
    7. Binder for diamond powders.
    8. Links of diverse materials.
    9. Optical materials.
    10. Additives to oils and alkali metal grease.
    11 Nano fibers and technical corundum (aluminium oxide).
    12. Polishing pastes.
    13. Clustered and magnetic liquids
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  • lot of companies are working on these it only depends on what type(material) of np u want and size
  • glad for this type of discussion

    where is the links pf these companies ??

    do you know companies produce carbon nanotubules for scientific purposes ??

    how much is the prices ? wht are the maximum length ?

    thnxx so much...waiting for ur personnal msg
    • u can buy nano-carbon tubes in nanoshel....part from this....i was told there are n no of comp selling nanotubes..... chk in WWW....
    • thnxx for your answer

      give me plzz the site of nanoshel..

      do u know heir prices? for single wall or multible wall ?

    • have no clue abt the prices
    • i got price list from this company the price is bit high and they insist on minimum weight
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