MSDS sheets for nano

I'm currently working on an ISO technical document for creating MSDSs for nanoparticles. I'm curious if anyone in this group has any needs or suggestions relating to this topic.One of the big issues for me is lack of toxicology data for nanomaterials... so typically authors just refer to the macroscale version of the material and include that in the MSDS. Materials behave differently at nanoscale so this is not appropriate.Any ideas of other concerns are appreciated.Let's make 2009 a year for great strides in nano safety!

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  • Hi Vince, I like to discussion. Let's keep to talk about it. Please provide me more information. Cheers. Hamid
  • Hi Vince,
    Not sure what you mean by lack of toxicology data. There are plenty of papers that address CNT toxicity for example, which makes it disingenuous to refer to them as synthetic graphite for tox and environ impacts parts of MSDS. But what are legal requirements, what constitutes a weight of evidence? And what is the company's obligation to its workers and consumers in the absence of legal requirement?
  • Vince, I am involved with TC 229 WG3 ISO Canada. What ISO TC are you working for as it relates to this MSDS?
    • I am in the same WG3 and represent South Korea. Korea has two late stage development standards in WG-3 regarding nanoparticle generation and characterization for inhalation toxicity testing.

      This latest effort in the group is to create a nanoparticle MSDS guidance, submitted in December 2008 and being translated into French prior to distribution. We should see it soon I hope.

      Will you come to the next meeting in June?
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