2002, Korea has invested heavily in R&D for nanostructured materials and devices for industrial uses. As a result, we have over five hundred household goods related to nanotechnology. As nanotechnology rapidly develops in Korea, the concerns for EHS and ELS issues related to nanotechnology are emerging. The framework for risk management and governance of nanomaterials related to manufacturing, distribution and disposal of nano-goods is not yet established in a structural way. In this context, the overall goals of this workshop are as follows :- Exchange ideas and best practices on the promotion of safety in the field (such as research lab and workplace) for use of nanomaterials- Discuss how to evaluate risks and how to establish the risk-management framework for nanomaterials- Address regulatory issues for nanomaterials.1) Invited Speakers- Prof. Vicki Colvin, Prof in Department of Chemistry, Rice University Executive Director of ICON- Dr. Masafumi Ata, Senior Researcher, Working Group on Strategic Area of Nanotechnology in AIST(Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)- Dr. Tsung-Tsan Su, General Director, ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute)- Dr. Kyunghee Choi, NIER(National Institute of Environmental Research)- Dr. Jayoung Jeong, KFDA(Korean Food and Drug Administration)- Dr. Il Je Yu, KEMTI(Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute)- Dr. Jungil Lee (KIST, KoNTRS) / Dr. Daesup So, KISTI(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)- Prof. Jung-Won Lee (University of Seoul)2) PanelistsAll invited speakers and- Dr. Jae-Chun Ryu (Presider, KIST, President of Korean Society of Toxicogenomics and Toxicoproteomics, and President of Korean Society of Environmental Risk Assessment and Health Science)- Dr. Gwi-Nam Bae(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)- Mr. Deuk-Seung Lee(Executive Director of Green Consumers Network)- Ms. Ji-Ae Lim(Director of The Head Office of Environment & Health Korea Federation for Environmental Movements)Language : English and Korean simultaneous interpretation available (영어-한국어 동시통역)PROGRAMREGISTRATION (09:30 ~ 10:00)OPENING CEREMONY (10:00 ~ 10:30)Prof. Jung-Won Lee (University of Seoul), Presider10:00 Opening Address : Dr. Sang-Hee Suh (Director, CNMT)10:10 Welcoming Address : Dr. Hak-Min Kim (President, KoNTRS)10:20 Welcoming Address : Mr. Tae-Min Bae (Director, MEST)SESSION IDr. Jungil Lee (KIST, KoNTRS), Chair10:30 Prof. Vicki Colvin (Rice Uni. in USA)“ICON's ativities for the risk management”“ICON의나노물질위험관리작업”11:10 Dr. Masafumi Ata (AIST in Japan)“Japan's approach to risk governance in nano technology area”“일본에서의나노기술위험관리”11:50 Dr. Tsung Tsan Su (ITRI in Taiwan)“Labeling Nanotech-enabled Products to Advance Social Responsibility”“나노제품의인증마크와사회적책임성 ”12:30 LunchSESSION IIDr. Sang-Hee Suh (Director, CNMT), Chair14:00 Dr. Kyung Hee Choi (NIER)“OECD and MoE's Activities on Nanosafety ”“나노물질 안전성관련 OECD 및환경부 활동현황 ”14:20 Dr. Ja Young Jeong (KFDA)"Safety Issues in Nano Medicine and Food.”“나노기술이적용된식품의약품의안전관리방안 ”14:40 Dr. Il Je Yu (KEMTI)“Development of International Standards for Nanotechnology and use of the standards on risk assessment of silver nanoparticles”“나노기술의국제표준개발과은나노물질위해성평가에의적용”15:00 Dr. Jungil Lee (KIST, KoNTRS) )“European Activities on Nanomaterials Risk Management”“유럽에서나노재료위험관리동향”15:20 Prof. Jung-Won Lee (University of Seoul)“Ethical Issues on risk assessment and management of nanomaterial”“나노물질의위험평가및관리와관련한윤리적문제들”15:40 Break16:00 Panel discussion with the speakers and panelists(Presider : Dr. Jae-Chun Ryu, President of Korean Society of Toxicogenomics and Toxicoproteomics)17:20 Closing Remark ; Prof. Jung-Won Lee (University of Seoul)Organizing CommitteeProf. Jung-Won Lee ((University of Seoul), Jungil Lee (KIST, KoNTRS), SecretariatMr. Jeung-Jo Han (CNMT), e-mail:, Tel: 02-958-6996 , Fax: 02-968-6999Registration- This symposium is free of registration fee. Attendees are supposed to register by January 18, 2009.- For the pre-registration, send your name, affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address to or* 지하철- 6호선 상월곡역(한국과학기술연구원역) ⇒ 4번 출구 ⇒KSIT 국제협력관(도보12분 소요)- 1호선 청량리역(2번 출구)⇒ 청량리우체국⇒ 일반버스 1215번 승차⇒ 세종대왕기념관 앞 하차⇒ KIST 국제협력관(도보 12분 소요)

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