• Russian scientists work very good and help us a lot in some common programms in nanotechnology. And I hope in few year we have more professionals in nanotechnology so we'll be able to compete for the title of leader in nanotechology .


    • Thank you for your reply,Abid. But as you know, it's not enough just to have good professionals, you need results to be proud of your researches. And it's about money,time, science base and all the research tools.


    • I am 100% agree with Dove. But one thing I must say that after lost of USSR, we lost great schools of theoretical physics.  When I compare current and 60's era theoretical physics, I find huge differences. The achievements of USSR researchers in theoretical physics can never be neglected. I generally terms as Dilema of theoretical physics.

    • Where are you from?

    • Pakistan

    • Thank you.

      You said: "we lost" and I thought you are from USSR

    • We means peoples all around the world who are interested in theoretical physics. Although my major interest is in applied physics. But I have very serious concerns over theoretical physics.

    • I understand. Thank you

  • According to this article the most dominant in nanotechnologies countries are Japan, Germany, South Corea, Taiwan

    To tell the truth I thought I would be USA, India and Russia

    • You know, lately I've read a lot about russian reseachers and their nanotechnologies. It surprised me a lot, because their achievements are really imposing and looks like russian government pay much more attention to these questions then american. 

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