Nanoshel is India's first nanocompany. We are manufacturing nanomaterials. Our products include all types of non-metallic SWNT, MWNT and functionalized carbon nanotubes.
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    hello sir, i am 8th semester student of M.Tech Nanotech. I am working on ZnO nanoparticles, dopping of transition elements and Thin film. but sir due to lab facilities sm prb with me to work further. plz guide....

    I am interested in applying these nanotools in solar cell and batteries.

    i have ideas bt not getting platform to perform them.plz guide me sir....
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    Thanks for your comment Technologist. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly.
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    Hi Preeti

    Could u pls send profile of products and more details at May b v have biz venture in gulf

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    Thank you Ms Preeti for inviting me.
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Nanoshel Blog

Nanoshel launched blog called research center. you can find details of different nano products such as nano particles, nano powders, carbon nanotubes. you can find details such as appearance, purity, morphology, purity, bulk density. Visit Research Center

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Latest Trends in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology dipping deep inside Batteries!According to a latest research, carbon nanotubes have turned out to be a suitable solution to bring next-generation of technologies such as lithium ion batteries and fuel cells to marketplace.Carbon nanotubes are replacing silicon in the production of solar cells in order to improve their efficiency.What do you think about it?

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