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  • Saturday April 28, 2012 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
    Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university

    Nakaa Nanotechnology Network is organizing the" Practical Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology workshop" on 28 April 2012 from

    9:00 am till 4:00pm which will contains 4 lectures in

    1. Introduction to Nanotechnology.

    2. Nanotechnology and Nursing.

    3. Nanotechnology and Biomedical engineering

    3. Nanotechnology in drug delivery using magnetite Nanoparticles.

    beside a practical preparation of Magnetite nanoparticles in laboratory.

    A poster session for the related topics will be available during the workshop for those who would like to participate with a poster.

    Dead time for sending poster abstract in not more than 300 words is 15 April 2012

    Fees are 190 EGP for Egyptian attendees.

    Fees are 195 EGP for poster presenters.

    Fees are 100 USD for Foreigners either attendee or poster


    Onsite registration 250 Egyptian pounds/ 150 USD

    Fees include: Gifts from Nature magazine + materials on CD +Lectures+ poster session+ Lunch( surprise) + Practical part + Certificate(contains Logo of Naturemiddle East Logo).

    Fees payment deadline is: 10 April 2012

    للمصريين تدفع الرسوم عن طريق أقرب مكتب بريد الى:

    وسام أحمد توفيق عبد العزيز و يحول المبلغ الى مكتب بريد الأورمان

    For foreigners, call at 002 0111 58 31 6 21 or contact us by email for more information

    Just send us an email at

    1- Your full triple name

    2- Your position

    3-Your mobile

    4-your email

    Subject of email:Practical pharmaceutical Nanotechnology workshop

    email message: I want to attend Practical pharmaceutical Nanotechnology workshop. There will be a great discount of groups of 7 and more

    Best regards

    for more information please contact or mobile 


    This workshop is sponsored by




  • Lena! It is great, that nanoeducator has resonant mode, but this information is hidden in Internet. And nanoeducator cannot work in liquid.
    Denis! FemtoScan has both opportunities. FemtoScan can work both with thin conductive wire and with commertial cantilevers.

  • Moreover as compared to femtoscan, NANOEDUCATOR can operate with two principal kinds of probes. Professional Si-cantilevers can be used, which provide high image quality but are not suitable for education because students crash them often. And this is rather expensive! Alternatively NANOEDUCATOR can work with tungsten wire sharpen by electrochemical etching. Such probes cost nothing, they can be prepared by students, and the preparation itself could be good lab

  • =) Anastasia, it seems to me that you do not like Nanoeducator) It has resonant modes. 

  • Lena! It is cool that it works with most operations systems. Nanoeducator is very good, if you are working in air environment , but it cannot work in liquid. And It has not an open architecture for optic control. And there is not resonant mode.

  • Thank you, Dmitry! I absolutely agree with you about school education, but it is not so easy to implement it in school

    Anastasia, are you sure that Nanoeducator (expecially II) II is a device with limited features? As I know it is a professional tool. And it received the R&D 100 Award in 2011

  • Dear Lena and Abid,

    Education is a modern trend. It's really important to have devices for this purpose with specal features:

    1. Strong mechanics

    2. Manual control

    3. Educational manual

    It will be greate success for student, if he has a chance to do everything by himself.

    The next problem is, of course, effeciency of capital investment.

    Software it's the key of solving this problem. 

    In my opinion, FemtoScan Labs with FemtoScan Online Software is the best solution for education. See Anastasia V Bolshakova post

  • Lena, Nanoeducator is a device with limited features, you may use another one with similar price but with multimode. Also it is possible to equipped class only with soft and to have access to real microscope via Internet. For more options please see

    and real time scanning

    Educational course on SPM
  • Abid, thank you for your opinion. I have some ideas about what could it be, and nanoeducator is among them 

  • Lena,you probably heard about this nanoeducator platform .

    I've been working with it not for a long time, but I like it because of it's simplicity in use. It's used in some universities in India and I know a lot of positive comments.

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