Synthesis of N-doped nano M-Xenes for degradation of phenol

Angrui Jiang, Xi Chen, Yuchen Xu, Kinjal J. Shah, Zhaoyang You

College of Urban Construction, Nanjing Tech University
Yangtze River Innovation Center for Ecological Civilization

In this study, MXenes, a new class of two-dimensional (2D) layered Ti3C2-incorporated TiO2, were prepared by an in situ hydrothermal process and by addition of urea to further generate N-doped nano-TiO2-MXene to be to improve the photocatalytic activity. So far, more than 30 types of MXenes materials have been successfully synthesized, and dozens of similar materials have been predicted by computer simulation. The synthesized MXene was analyzed by SEM and TEM to identify the presence of anatase-type titanium dioxide on the surface of MXene. When doped with different weights of urea, it was found that the 0.5g of urea doped MXene material showed a strong ability to photo-catalytically decompose phenol under visible light, and the decomposition rate reached above 85% within 3 hours. However, the performance of N-TiO2-MXene for phenol degradation under visible light was poor at lower pH and higher ionic concentrations. Moreover, through free radical shielding experiments, it was determined that the dominant free radicals were ◦OH, O2- and holes for phenol degradation. This study demonstrates that the N-TiO2-MXene produced in this experiment can be used for environmental applications.



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