Differently shaped Ceramic based Pd catalysts for Flue-gas Conversion

Owais Alaqatash

University of Szeged / Department of applied and Environmental Chemistry

A quick overview of the increasing pollutants worldwide shows a parallel movement toward strict legalization to limit contamination of air before it gets out of hand, however, in this paper, we are discussing a source of emissions that is yet to receive its’ deserved attention rendered in non-road mobile machinery. Our proposal to solve this issue unfolds by delivering an efficient catalyst, starting by characterizing its relevant properties such as the choice of material, the shape of the catalyst, the chemical structure, and the active coating agent. So, in this sequence of experiments, we are investigating the performance of five ceramic supports impregnated with 0.1 and 0.2 wt% palladium (II). Starting by testing the samples’ ability to oxidize CO in a fixed bed reactor, we will measure their performance in converting flue-gas emissions by testing the samples on a custom-designed catalytic converter connected to a dynamometer system. Following this study, we can achieve an outstanding 98% reduction in NOx and 95% reduction in CO and build a direct relation between sample properties and performance. For now, this research will be the first part of a tailored proposed solution to reduce NRMM emissions using a catalytic converter where this paper will mostly be concerned with the overall performance of the catalyst.



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