Wheat Germ Oil Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as Pharmaceutical Topical Application

N. A. Elmarzugi1,2,†, A. M. Gusbi1, N. M. Bendala2

1 - Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya
2 - National Nanosciences & Nanotechnology Project, Biotechnology Research Centre, Tripoli, Libya

Abstract: WGO-SLN were prepared by two different methods, double emulsification and hot homogenisation, and with four different formulas, F1 (15% lipid, 3.5% lecithin, 5% Tween 80), F2 (7% lipid, 2% lecithin, 2.5% Tween 80), F3 (3.5% lipid, 1.5% lecithin, 1.5% Tween 80) and F4 (20% lipid, 5.5% lecithin, 7.5% Tween 80). For the characterization process, formulas 2 and 3 from both methods were excluded because they gave unstable emulsions. Therefore, the samples that were proceeded to the characterization stage were formula 1 and 4 of both methods. According to particle size in all the products 50% of the measured particles gave less than 300nm. The smallest mean particle size with the lowest polydispersity index was for the hot homogenisation method formula 1. According to surface morphology test which was done by TEM both methods using formula 4, the higher concentration of lipid and surfactant presented uniform circular particles whereas the particles with lower concentration in both methods were not as clear as the higher concentration. Entrapment efficiency test was performed and the formulas with higher concentration of surfactant gave significantly higher percentage of entrapment of the oil, 77.36±11.64% for double emulsification method and 69.56±5.81% for the hot homogenisation method. Whereas the formulas with the lower concentrations gave lower percentage of entrapment, 20.46±4.43% for the double emulsification method and 26.73±4.43% for the hot homogenisation method. The Loading capacity of the product was not very satisfactory as it was less than 20% for all samples.

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