Growth and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanorod’s Synthesized by Precipitation Method

Rajesh Kumar Meena

Department of Chemistry, Kalindi College, University of Delhi, Delhi -110008

Abstract: Abstract: Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by precipitation method. Zinc nitrate tetrahydrate and hexamethylenetetramine as initial material for the synthesis of ZnO NRs. The mixture of solution was heated to 80o C in a water bath. The synthesized precipitate was washed by de-ionized water for two times until the pH of the washed water become 7. The precipitate was dried in the oven for 5 h at 120o C, and the crystal structure, orientation and morphology were investigated by X-Ray diffractometer and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Optical properties were studied using UV-visible spectroscopy. The results demonstrate that the morphology and ordering of ZnO nanorods are determined by the growth temperature and time. ZnO nanorod morphology and surface-to-volume ratio are most responsive to temperature. The width of ZnO nanorods can be controlled by the overall concentration of the reactants and by temperature.

Keywords: ZnO nano rods, precipitation method, XRD, SEM, TEM, FTIR, UV-DRS etc.



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