Biomedical Applications of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Spirulina Platensis

Myat Myat Thaw1, Sun Tun Aung2, May Yu Khine3

Sagaing University of Education

Abstract: The natural Spirulina Platensis is produced from the natural lake of Yae Kharr lake in Myanmar.The aim of this poster is to apply biomedical application of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles from Spirulina platensis.Average crystallite size of zinc oxide nanoparticles from spirulina platensis was observed to be 17.74nm by using Debye Scherer equation with X ray Diffraction(XRD) instrument.It was found that zinc oxide nanoparticles can be used safely for face cream and nano balm because of the pH value and microbial testing (total plate count, yeast and mold count) of these products and they are under the acceptable level compared literature values.

Keywords: Spirulina platensis, nanobalm, XRD,Yeast



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  • Hai,

    Good work. I appreciate your work. Have you performed the dermatological test of body lotion, face cream and nano balm with men?
  • Will you publish a poster proceeding book for combination?
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