An Emerging Avenue of Nanomaterials and Graphene Towards Versatile Approaches into ‘Liquid Crystal Nanoscience‘

Kaushik Pal1,2*, S. Thomas2

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Wuhan University, 8 East Lake South Road, Wuhan 430072, China

Abstract: In Nanotechnology,the novel creation of nanostructures consistently feeds back into efforts to design and fabricate new macroscopic materials with specific properties.Herein, we reported to successfully synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) from graphite in a scalable manner, with reliable strategy for chemical or physical functionalization of graphene. It also produces a series of functionalized and highly soluble graphene derivatives that behave as single layers even at high concentrations. In the depressive system of GO and functioned graphenes, rich hydrogen bonded liquid crystals (HBLCs) formed spontaneously. Some of these LCs had a conventional nematic phase with orientational order;others had a lamellar phase. A new chiral mesophase featuring a helical-lamellar structural model with frustrated disinclinations will investigate. We proposed here to clarify the underlying mechanisms of GO-LC alignment and field-induced switching. Moreover, we are exploring nanomaterials and graphene homogeneous dispersion occurred due to which remarkable textural phase transition existed. The novel textural phase patterns also helpful for the implementation of electro-optic switchable device.



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