Bio-Engineered Nanocarriers for Advancement in Drug Delivery

Shyam Vasvani, Riddhi Trivedi, Dr. Deepak Rawtani

Gujarat Forensic Science University (GFSU)

Abstract: The unceasing efforts for improvement of drug delivery systems (DDSs) have been broadly researched to maximize therapeutic efficacy while curtailing undesirable side effects. The use of synthetic carriers often struggle to fulfill clinical expectations and tend to pose toxic effects. Other conventional methods suffer from limitations such as high dose and low availability, first-pass effect, intolerance, and instability. Nanomedicine leads to novel applications of nanomaterial with biological vehicles for developing Nano-biosensors. The integration of nanomaterial with biology has directed the development of various advancements in therapeutic applications such as diagnostic devices and drug delivery via Nano bio-Carriers. Here, we discuss the regular drug delivery carriers that have provided the origin and encouragement for new drug delivery systems. By combining with cytotoxic therapeutics, the variety of Nano bio carriers have developed like liposomes (nanoparticle-stabilized liposomes) and Halloysite nanotube (Halloysite linked metal nanoparticles). Several modified carriers have been designed with improved size and surface area for sanitizing the biological supply of a drug. This review describes the advanced drug delivery systems based on various Nano-biological carriers with various approaches and techniques of drug delivery.


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