Gold Nanoparticles for sensing concentration of Toxic Metal ions in water medium

Vinayak A. Dhumale1*, Rajesh k. Gangwar2

1Department of Engineering Sciences & Humanities, MIT ADT University, Pune, India
2Council of Science & Technology U.P. (DST, Govt. of U.P.), Lucknow, India

In the last few years metal nanoparticles have been an intense topic of research due to its size and shape dependent optical, chemical, physical and electrical properties. Especially Gold nanoparticles show useful technological Recent literature reports shows that gold
nanoparticles is a better candidate in biomedical applications such as biosensors, bio-imaging, targeted drug delivery and controlled drug release among other metal nanoparticles. The inter-particle distance dependent optical properties of gold nanoparticles have interesting
applications in the field of sensors.
Gold nanoparticles shows good selectivity and sensitivity for colorimetric detection of heavy toxic metal ions such as Hg2+ , Cd2+, As3+, Pb2+ etc and various biomolecules. These metal ions are harmful for human being if taken beyond certain limit. The concentration of such toxic metal ions in water can be identified by eye also.



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