NP2022-028 Mn Doped ZnO Thin Films Grown by SILAR Method

Mn Doped ZnO Thin Films Grown by SILAR Method

S. Balamurali1 S.Saravanakumar2 and K.Leninbarathi3

1.Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore - 641 032, India.
2. Dept. of Bioelectronics and Biosensors, Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, Karaikudi, 630 003, India.
3. Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Malumachampatti,
Coimbatore - 641050,India.

Mn doped ZnO films were prepared by SILAR technique. These films were characterized by various characterizations like Xrd, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Vibrating Sample Magnetometer respectively. In our case Mn concentration varied from Mn 1 % to 3 % respectively. All these films were annealed at 350 0C for 1hour. From the X-ray analysis all the films exhibited the hexagonal wurtzite structure. The predominant peak (002) appears with very high intensity in all the films. The SEM image reveals the surface morphology of the films. The VSM studies revealed the room temperature ferromagnetism for Mn 3% doped ZnO thin films. The Mn doped ZnO are suitable for opt0electronic and spintronics applications.

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