Polymer/Carbon Nanostructured Composites for Advanced Gas Sensing Application

Iva Dimitrievska, Anita Grozdanov, Perica Paunovic

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University “Ss Cyril and Methodius”, 1000 Skopje,
Rugjer Boshkovikj 16, North Macedonia

Bio and chemical monitoring of atmospheric and process gases is a great concern in relation to environmental pollution, industrial emission, and process monitoring. Sensors are used daily in numerous areas of gas monitoring and design of novel devices based on carbon nanostructures (G, CNTs), facilitating a new research direction. The construction of gas sensors is an important task because the gas oxides are one of the most toxic pollutants and have a negative influence on the environment and humans.
In the present work a promising application of commercial carbon screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) with G/PVDF, PEG and CNTs/PVDF, PEG nanocomposites prepared by drop-modification method as a gas sensors were tested towards -SOx and -NN3 vapors. Resistivity variations were obtained for different acid as well as alkali concentration. Nanocomposite's chemical structure, polymer-carbon interactions and their changes were followed by XRF spectrometry, while the morphology and surface changes before and after exposure were followed by SEM. The obtained results have confirmed polymer/CNT – NN3 interactions and their characteristic band-shifting. SEM micrographs have shown formation of typical abrasive channels and nanorods of oxides. After electrode evaporation with NH3- ions, salts were formed on the sensor’s surface which induced conductivity changes.

Keywords: Nanocomposites, Gas sensors, Carbon nanotubes (CNT), Graphene, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), SEM, XRF,

This research work is financed by the Austrian – Macedonian bilateral project cooperation, 2022-2023




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