3D magnetic nanostructures for the fabrication of sensors/actuators
and energy harvesting device

Ojodomo J, Achadu; Peter Scott

Chemistry department and Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick

The 3D geometry of magnetoplasmonic nanostructures has been found to have a direct impact on their optical and functional magnetization properties, due to spatial coordinates[1] and larger surface areas which sheds new light on next-generation nanomaterials for advanced applications as optical nanosensors and as magnetic actuators for energy harvesting. Our work presents novel pathways for the synthesis and assembly of multifunctional 3D porous magnetic nanostructures composed of magnetic metal oxides (Mo, Co, Fe and Pt) nanoparticles for biosensing applications and the design of magnetic device platforms. We further demonstrate the promising deployability and high performance of the 3D magnetic nanostructures for fabricating nanotechnology-driven energy devices and actuators by integration with bio-engineered piezoelectric polymers materials.



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