Catalytic Reaction of Carbon Dioxide with Methane on supported Co/Mo Catalysts

Ghazaleh Khoshroo, Marietta Ábel, Anastasiia Efremova, András Sápi, Ákos Kukovecz, Zoltán Kónya

University of Szeged, Hungary

Significant releases of greenhouse gases, which can induce global climate changes as well as environmentally harmful pollutant emissions , have been mainly originated from some carbon-containing fossil fuel combustions such as coal, natural (stranded or shale) gas and petroleum [1]. In recent years, the development of renewable energy sources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions have become increasingly urgent global issues [2]. The conversion of CH4 and CO2 , the two main components of biogas and the major greenhouse gases into synthesis gas is in the focus of academic and industrial research. One of the possibilities to achieve this goal is to react the CH4 and CO2 with each other [3]. The CH4 can react with CO2 as a reductant - by the techniques including Dry reforming (DR), Steam Reforming (SR) and Combining SR and DR -to produce the industrially important syngas (CO + H2 mixture) [4]. From the CO + H2 mixture both fuel and methanol or plenty of other products can be produced using available technologies [5].
In this research, the combining SR and DR reforming of methane with carbon dioxide has been investigated in atmospheric pressure, at 773 K, using 10%Co/Al2O3, 10% Co+1% Mo/Al2O3, 10% Co+5% Mo/Al2O3 and 10% Co+10% Mo/Al2O3 catalysts, which were characterized by XRD and TEM methods before and after the reaction. The results indicate that 10%Co/Al2O3 had the highest conversion of CH4 and CO2 and highest syngas formation rate among the mentioned catalysts. Furthermore, Mo promoted 10%Co/Al2O3 was found to be more active in 1% amount than the 5% or 10% Mo/Al2O3.




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