Effect of Grain Size Variation on Dielectric Properties of Gluten Free Grains at Microwave Frequency

Swechchha Gupta

IIS (Deemed to be) University, Jaipur, India

Dielectric behavior is important for food technologists and food engineers to improve quality of microwave foods and to design microwaveable foods. The values of dielectric constant and dielectric loss of gluten free grains include finger millet, amaranth and buckwheat were measured at room temperature (22˚C) at frequency 9.76GHz by using Two point method. Microwaves at three different grain size (90-150 microns, 250-300 microns and 355-425 microns) were employed for investigating grain size dependence of dielectric properties of the samples. The  results showed that dielectric constant of Gluten free grains increase with increase in grain size and dielectric loss also varies with grain size. The present work may provide an effective guide to develop new microwave process of gluten free grains in the future.



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