Experimentally Evaluate Different Environment Friendly Refrigerant In 1 Ton Window AC

Patel Dhrumil R, Dave Jign H, Thakkar Jainil S

Gandhinagar Institute of Technology, Kalol, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Air conditioning is one of the important parts in mechanical field. This project describes the fundamentals and characteristics of refrigerant. This project is about using various sustainable refrigerants as substitutes to R22. In this experimental investigation different operational parameters like: eco friendly, high efficiency, stability will be studied to know the different refrigerant.In this report, the popular refrigerants are thoroughly studied experimentally and recommendations are given for alternatives such as R-1270, R-511a, R-1234yf which exhibit good thermo-physical and environmental properties and will be commercialized in the near future.



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  • As per your conclusion three gases are used in your work which you have mentioned in your poster so, what is the difference between theoretical data and practical data?
    • The main difference between theoretical and actual performance of test ring we can conclude that the some minor changes are required in equipment of Ac. changes like a diamentions,temperature range etc. But after the performance we can conclude the refrigerant odp and gwp are same as a theoretical data.
  • What is the chemical structure about R-1234yf,R-1270 and R-511A?
    • R-1234yf = C3H2F4
      R-1270 = CH3CH=CH2
      R-511A = R-290/E170 (95±1/5±1)
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