Insight into Protein Corona formation with Gelatin stabilized Graphene: Impact of Flake size,
Incubation time and Concentration

Pranav Tiwari & Dr. Shaikh M. Mobin

Indian Institute of Technology Indore

A detailed investigation has been made to study the interaction between serum proteins and different lateral sized directly exfoliated graphene. The exfoliation process and varying lateral size was attained just by varying the sonication time thus nullifies the use of conventional exfoliation method. The obtained results showed that due to protein adsorption the lateral size and zeta potential value of Ggel nanosheets gets significantly changed. Further, the adsorption leads to fluorescence quenching and change in the ellipticity of BSA and FBS proteins. The adsorption behavior and molecular interaction showed lateral size and concentration dependent nature and were different with both BSA and FBS. Thus, these protein adsorption phenomenon's must be taken into account for utilizing G and their derivative for biomedical applications.



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