Nano sized emulsion droplet systems of chemotherapeutic agents for management of prostate cancer

Sushmita Srivastava*, Md. Faheem Haider**, Usama Ahmad
Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, Lucknow-226026, India

*Presenting Author
**Corresponding Author
Address for correspondence: Dr. Md. Faheem Haider, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, Lucknow-226026, India

Prostate carcinoma is a widespread cancer that kills approximately 350,000 people per year in about 84 countries. Radiation, bisphosphonate therapy, and palliative chemotherapy are the most common treatments for metastatic disease. However, the biggest downside is that medication is disease-driven, and as a result, it becomes metastatic and needs care. The ability to revolutionize cancer management by nanoemulsion suggests a possible treatment for management of prostate cancer. The potential to revolutionise cancer care by using delivery vehicles like nanoemulsion indicates optimistic results in cancer research. Nanoemulsions are heterogeneous system of oil and water stabilized by surfactant molecules having globule size of 20-200nm. Small size makes it an effective dosage form to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs as they possess the ability to enter leaky tumour vasculature. Recent research on nano-emulsions has revealed their potential for repurposing herbal and synthetic drugs, as well as their combination, to target prostate cancer and create a readily accessible nanomedicine.

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