Synthesis and Structural studies of lightweight CNT/Cu composites

Shivani Dhall

DAV College, Jalandhar, Panjab

In this work, we have syntheised carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and Copper (Cu) based composites keeping in mind their applications today and in the near future. CNTs are emerging as the most promising conducting wires in interconnection technology due to their higher electrical conductivity and extraordinary current-carrying capacity. Increased portability, versatility and ubiquity of electronics devices are a result of their progressive miniaturization, requiring current flow through narrow channels. Nowadays, devices operate close to the maximum current-carrying-capacity of conductors (such as copper and gold), leading to decreased lifetime and performance, creating demand for new conductors with higher ampacity. Therefore, researchers exploring electrical properties of CNTs/Cu composites by changing the concentrations of Cu content and vice versa.



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