Greetings from Georgia, USA.Lets see if we can increase the traffic to this group. Anybody up to talk about nanomedicine and its role in space exploration. For example :(a) The use of nanomedical devices for remote monitoring of the health of astronauts.(b) The use of nanotechnology to prevent and control radiation poisoning wich may have some applications here on Earth also.Talking about remote monitoring I would like to encourage somebody to work in the field of veterinary id microchips. So far the microchips in use here in the USA only provide us with an id number that help in the recovering of lost pets. I think it would be something great if somebody using nanotechnology applications can made those microchips more useful. For example made the microchip provide us with certain information as heart rate, body temperature and oxygen levels. This can made veterinary office visits less stressfull to the pets plus with an appropriate software the owners can transmit that data via Internet to the veterinary hospital.Any comments are welcome!

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  • Greeting Jose',
    Just this past week I submitted some information about a soon to be released to the public product from GeneLink which is a well established BioTech firm who is going to market a DNA Nutritional personalized package. The way it works is a DNA analysis is sent to GeneLink and they give a complete analysis of what your individualized nutritional needs are according to your DNA structure. They will then make a capsule form pill that includes your exact and precise needs. The capsule can either be swallowed at once or you can open it and make a drink with the contents. As I mentioned, it will be opening to the public on Aug 1st. Right now they are interested in gathering serious leaders to help with the launch of the new program. To see what the requirements are, take a look at this generic page called DNA Doesn't Lie and at the bottom of that page is another link that will take you to some information about the process and products. Please use Michael McDonald aka CaptNano as your referrer. If you think that you meet the qualifications and would like to get involved in this mammoth undertaking, please go to my GeneWize Life Sciences web site and register there.
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  • Hello sir,

    Me Debajeet from IITg ,India working in the field of nanomedicine.Especially with a application in the cancer .You idea of remote monitoring of astronaut health is relaly fascinating .By having a glimpse of your idea ,a query is being raise in my brain.As you are invoved in the vatenary sector i think you could have better answer for my question.Can you send some animal in space with neoplastic syndrome so that we can monitor their physiological condittion with these kind of biomedical microdevices?
    • Hi Debajeet. Once we have a more "inteligent microchip" we may be able to do projects like that. It would be interesting to see how neoplasia behave at zero gravity in space or in the gravity of planet Mars. More interesting would be to observe the behavior of neoplasia of different species of animals under zero gravity conditions. Using different species of animals may be useful to establish tables of comparisons before we jump to the following logical step (human studies). I think the advances of nanomedicine can be one very important aspect of space exploration.
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