• i would like to present the idea that african students come to the US for techanical training in nanotechnology. My college, which has a high level of foreign students, has a 2 year technical degree in nanotechnology which teaches bottom up and self assembly techniques for the fabrication of nanostrcutures as well as the skills to operate AFM, TEM, SEM and other characterization devices. We also learn lithography techniques as well. I believe that these technical skills would be best to train first. These students will be directly employable around the world without needing to compete for PHd positions or entrances to universities, this will provide great networking opportunity for African students. This will help when africa transitions to higher levels of technology. We need the instrumentalists first, for it is true that the heart of nanoscience is within the tools and techniques used to access and study and fabricate. It will be very helpful for african students to be trained in these tools so that they will have a clear understanding of how nanotechnology is done... The best part is that my college is cheap and one of the only places in the USA that offers a 2 year technical degree in nanotechnology.

    COntact me if you want to know more as i am fully willing to work with my college and program to make this a reality.
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  • You are absolutely right. A collective as well as collaborative approach is required.
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