As a background to this question and to put the things easier, I’m a PhD student in this moment, my field is transparent ozone sensing, based on a TCO. I studied in Lisbon, Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering, my master focused a lot on microelectronics, but it was basically a broad course comprising general engineering and micro and nanotechnology different fields.

I did my master thesis in Luxembourg, same place I am working now developing my PhD, over the last 5 months. It was on p-n junctions development based on TCOs.

I never wanted, and I still don’t, to do a research career, this is an RTO is not a university and I always said I wanted to do a PhD directional to the application, in this case the gas sensor, and not so much to fundamentals. My objective is to get into a more industrial position for after the PhD and eventually take a MBA, since I like this field of science, but one of my passions is business also, and I believe can come out a nice blending of the 2 in the future.

With this said, I would like to know if the most experienced people have suggestions, which skills, during the next 3 years must I gather to be competitive towards my objectives. My purpose is not focus on writing and have a lot of papers and other academical things. I will try to follow the transferable skills given, mainly entrepreneurship, social communication. But I think there are lacking transferable skills, that I can gather just per se, that will make me more competitive. I’m open to other things, programming languages, or whatever skills could help me. I’m also currently developing my french, and after will develop a bit of German.

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