• I am doing my Mtech in nanotechnology from Sathyabama Univ, Chennai. We are persuing the couse based on nanoelectronics
    • Hi!
      how is your course and its contents?
      Research oriented and promoted ?
      I'm doing MS by Research in Nanoelectronics at VIT University
  • check 2010 may issue of Nano Digest magazine with topic Education – A look at what is being offered and who is leading this segment
  • hi i am utra anna university to study for M.Tech Nano Technology
  • SASTRA University CENTAB is doing a great job.People can check out.Then AMRITA then TNAU,Coimbatore
  • nit calicut, kerala
  • hi,
    nice decision...
    bt in Amrita, as per my best knowledge its related medicinal nanotech.. so if ur bakgrnd is related to that thn u cn go that wil b goood fr u.....
  • Hi friends,

    Its welcoming to search for studies on nanotechnology. But make sure about the infrastructure and LAB facilities with all Nano Particle Characterization equipments availability in that particular institute before you get admission. This is my sincere and kind advice. Because some of the institutes shows off..just to make business without spending/ investing money to facilitate this advanced study.

    Best wishes to all of our friends...cheers
    • I go with what Siva says. I believe most of the institutions don't have enough lab facilities. They concentrate more on theory. We must be careful of what institution we choose.

      I am a student of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham(University), Kollam and I believe that our Cochin campus has a centre for excellence in Nanoscience. THe M.Tech. offered there has an inclination towards stem cell research, nano fluidics and so on.

      I heard that Amity is good too.

      Also check out JNCASR.

  • hi NANOians,
    pls go through
    VIT is offering M.Tech. in nanotech....... concentrating on nanophotonics n nanoelectronics.....
    one f the best one lab in india .....
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