• I think it should be Tanjavur instead you spelt Tanjore. Do not follow footsteps of the dictators.
    • I think people understand it. Lets not make a big fuss out of this.
      • You are absolutely right Raghavendran.

    • it can also be  written as tanjore...
      • But that is the actual pronounciation. Some may use that but that is not correct in my view.
  • sastrauniversity, tanjore is offerin m tech in medical nanotech as a p g as well as integrted 5 yrs course... and also m tecch in nano eklectronics....
  • SRM university offering B.Tech, MS and MS llinked Ph.D .


  • Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, New Delhi offers M. Tech Nanotechnology
  • Chettinad University ,Kelambakkam,Chennai offers M.Sc Medical Bio Nanotechnology
    See related links to what you are looking for.
    • hi friend in that institution is there any good lab facility? Because I would like to say one thing that when u r choosing one course plz dnt b attracted by the name of the course and make sure that the institution has good lab facilities,proper faculties and all...i am saying this from my experience.
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