valuation of self education

I find myself in an uncommon situation where i have acquired a position as a research and development technician without having a degree of any sort. The company is reimbursing my tuition but it is a slow road and there aren't many choices in schools within reasonable distance which offer a nanotech program. I have been working under a phd chemist and a master chemical engineer which has been of a tremendous experience. I have trained people with their bachelors degree which i demonstrated more competence. I've spent many of my free hours learning through experience and research as well as books and itunes u video. Unfortunately competence hasn't proven to be as lucrative as a diploma. I would presume its because they know i like the work and will work hard regardless my salary and i can't really go anywhere else. Any thoughts on this? Shared experience? Advice?

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  • Thanks for your input tinc! As long as the company keeps paying for school Im going to keep taking advantage. Im hoping to attend some conferences and industry aimed seminars in the next year or 2 and with any luck it will get me out of the negative mind frame and open me to more ideas. Aso advice on other potential sources for self educating in this niche? Im very happy to have found this community of shared interest!
  • the only way is to finish some school and get the degree... if you want to reach something in academic world

    other options: to have your owen company or to find a good position in industry

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