Brain's Synapses works the interface between micro and macro scales -- where quantum properties coexist overcoming the dichotomy between micro- and macro states within the quantum entanglement effect of simultaneity in brain communication. se:                                          

EgoCreaNet ( NPO &RS) strating from one year ago proposed to develop a strategic project transdisciplinary called "quARte " of quantum Art and Science and Augmented Reality for implementing the innovation of emerging technologies , capable to complete in theory the quantum paradigm.

We started with the artists and scientists to propose the " Quantum Brain Theory" , which focuses and summarizes the study of ' simultaneity of signals by the ' quantum entanglement of communication in nanometric size of synapses , and about the ' tunneling effect of microtubuline in the activities of the brain.

The purposes of this approach is to demonstrate that if the brain activity are quantum based , then what we perceive becomes a conscious representation of some scenarios of probability of our future interactions with the ' environment.

The FET Project Topic 5 : " Knowing , doing and being , cognition beyond problem solving" , would seem to be very useful in order to give a development operational program "quARte " , through the creation of an international network as a whole is capable of create emerging technologies such as smart sensors that mimic the brain communication of nano - synapses, generating new opportinities of perception , action and cognition, transferable in the production of automata.

EgoCreaNet therefore undertakes the goal to aggrgate an international network of participants to realize such Programam FET Toic 5, and then share the strategy into precise description of the program along with the partners deem the proposal iniciated as "quARte" program in a sustainable and feasible FET program.

So dear Firiends I hope sincerely in your cooperation.

Paolo Manzelli 10/07/13 Florence ;.

see : ict/fet-proactive/docs/ie-jan10-ag-01_en.pdf.

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