• maybe this website can help for everybody working with silver nanoparticles:
  • The synthesis of nano particles by plant extracts is coming under the ambit of green nano tech.Normally the plant sources are used for reducing and stabiliting the nano particles. Environmental and health concerns have been voiced due to the synthesis of nano particles using chemical methods. The green nano tech seeks to address this concern by adopting green technology which uses method not detrimental to the environment and the use of these nano particles for manufacture of nano products for environmental remediation.
    It is all the more creditable to engage in research in this direction as responsible scientists.
    Sea weed is one of the plant based source for manufacturing green nano particles.
    K.Mohan(Mohan Sanjeevan)
    • With due respect to all the Green Environmentalists, I urge them to leave nanotech alone for a while so that it can develop for benefit of mankind. Nanotech is just like a small child. There are other important issues in the world which require their utmost attention like global warming due to giant industrial processes and ozone layer depletion. They should rather think constructively how nanotechnologies can be used to combat global warming by use of nanomaterials in:
      1)Reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency
      2)Renewable energy and storage technologies
      3)Improving Life Processes and Healthcare

      Nanotech is quite insignificant today and demand yet to pick up properly.

      However, it is great that chemists and scientists are taking initiative in making nanomaterials through green route which is quite an economical process. We should encourage them for the good work they are doing and organizations should work in close collaboration with them.
  • in the synthresis silver nanoparticles silver nitrate can be reduced with the help of nitrate reductase . ..
  • Hi Divya,

    can you say about:

    1. The size distribution of your silver nanoparticles?
    2. What is functional group as a reducing agent in seaweed for preparation of silver nanoparticles?
    3. How long is your reaction time?

    Thank you

    • Mr. Majid sir .. . . ..

      this Rajesh . . doing PhD in MS University , . ,./

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  • hi this is rajesh . . . i am also doing research work on nanoparticles by sea weeds only MS University Tamilnadu. . .
    may i know abt u . . .
    • Hi, i have comleted my work rajesh
      • very good...... send about your work divya........... are you got good results.... please send ur Details
      • ya divya. . . tell me about your work. ..
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