Search or adhesions and partnerships to the “quArte” Program/Project.

The project “quARte” promoted by the Association of R&D EGOCREANET ( no for profit) , develop a program //project of long-term development on trans-disciplinary research-revision bringing closer Quantum Art and Science to enhance emerging communication technology in Augmented Reality.

The idea and goal is to favor a “New Renaissance Era” supporting the societal challenge in culture change through a deep activity of dissemination and cooperation between themes of innovation and communities in a variety of promising areas entangling into an holistic paradigm “Quantum Art & Science &Techology” to advance in novel benefits for the future knowledge society.

Themes of quArte program of quantum communication network will be addresses forward the trans-disciplinary fundamentals of knowing, thinking, emotional doing an being that are in close synergy :

--> The Human revision of as "Super -oganism" of symbiotic interactions between different DNA’s of microbes , mithocondria, and biodiversity of environment.

--> The Quantum Brain to revise overcoming obsolete mechanical conception the perception-action, and to advance in quantum scientific knowledge and artistic creativity , in tackling issues of brain wireless communication based on quantum entanglement such as empathy , telepathy and consciousness .

More in general the fundamental aim of the developmental challenge of the “quARte” program will be to improve new quantum culture in a way to stimulate the in the knowledge change and to guide and help people to better evaluate policy and societal responses to global challenges like: climate change and environmental pollution , eco-economical world-wide crisis,… etc. , in order to develop a auto-organization democracy , based on new cultural policy, that shall be addressed by radically to use novel methods and tools for producing in a new contest of completely shared knowledge society.

Paolo Manzelli . President of EGOCREANET : 25th/sept/2013 Firenze (Italy)

Events in the years 2013 /2014

è Casciana Terme (Pisa) Italy 31-Mayà 02-June/ 2013 :

è Pietrasanta (Lucca) Italy 09/Nov/2013 :

è NEXT EVENT to be co-organized by the quArte partnership in Roma 26/27 June2014 : venue: Sala Odeion of the Facoltà di Lettere della Sapienza Università di Roma, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5 .



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  • Dear Charles 

    In the case of transition  fron different structure of space time composition ( XYZ,t ---> XY,t1,t2) e.g. from Tridimenional quantum /wave particles to bidimensional Quantum Information Energy Fields , there is a change of space time form.structure , so that this critical fluctuation happen without an exgange of energy this because no external forces acts in that transition , e.g. the transition has no heath variation consequencies . Paolo Manzelli 

  • "so that entangled particles decay to the lower ground level of energy existing under the quantum scale as zero point energy. "

    Is this completely unrelated to excited electrons decaying to a lower orbital and emitting a photon?  What happens when the entangled particles decay?  Do they stay entangled?

  • Dear Charles Gervasi the quantum Entanglemet  modify the space/time relationship in trasforming quantum particled in a quantum energy field : see for instance such my opinion in :  . Paolo Manzelli  02 Oct 2013 Firenze

  • I have been reading about how quantum effects can be used in communication, for encryption and possibly to send data over a channel that's theoretically too noisy for communication using a given amount of power.  There were several articles on this in a technical journal I read.

    Does the quARte project refer to "quantum" in the scientific sense or is it just a general reference to new ideas?  

    I summarize my understanding of quantum communication here.  It doesn't go into entaglement, though, because I'm still trying to understand some of its details.

  • Quantum Brain Theory -Premise.

    Nerve cells send signals to each other by releasing chemicals at specialized junctions between the cells called synapses. The above was discovered by Ramon Caial's intuition at the beginning of neuroscience and is proved by different colorization putting in evidence the synaptic clefts, relevated as important nodes of signal partways of neuronal network. To days neuronal imagining put in evidence that neuronal synapses are nano-dimensioned gaps between Neurons ( 20-40 nm) and also other bioelectric synapses are seen located along the decritic harborization ( 4/5 nm) . Modern neuropsychiatry consider the density of synapses in the various rea of the brain and the dinamic of synaptogenesis as the basis of intelligence,and creativity,to control emotional states and  empathy and in conclusion an high density of synapses are the best indicator of mental health. Therefore the investigation of "Quantum Brain" proposed by the Project quARte /Egocreanet , empasized the need to open a new cultural approach in opening a quantum Art and Science creative ability to develop the future of the new conceptual revolution as ir is necessary in the epoch of change in that we live. Focusing the attention to the nano-synapses  it is important to understand what is the quantum entangled communication at distance because this provokes a deep change  from traditional mechanical conception and can be seen as the cultural tools to generate  a revolution in quantum science and artistic culture . The entanglement event is experimentally recently proved in photon's tele-trasportation . The entanglement change of physical properties occurs when two or more quantum particles are closed in a cavity ( as the synaptic cleft) so that their waves become ovepositioned together. In such a way that whatever happens to one of quantum-particles will produce an immediate change in the other this because the two or more wave particles transform their single states in an common bidimensional energy field . 
    The communication of entangled quantum fields may be seen as a "quantum - telepathy" between entangled wave/particles ( as the external  electron/spins  of neurotrasmitteres) , so that the quantum entanglement  can be used in the brain to send information -signals immediately over long distance . The creation of an entangled Information field hence works as wireless or no- contact at distance brain-communication, securely and instantly in all the amplitude of the entangled quantum energy interactive information field throughout various areas of the brain. 
    In conclusion Quantum Brain works both using wired communication of information through axons wired commections and also utilizing wireles- communication , or quantum-telepathy activity, through quantum entanglement effect into the nano-dimensioned synapses . See open debate in :

    see also : 

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