• Hello everybody.

    VNIT Nagpur is organizing a conference on naomaterials. check
    There are few BIG shots coming so a good networking opportunity exists who are looking for opportunities.

    Though the registeration dates has expired one can still be able to attend the conference. Also if made a request I think the registeration can be accepted.

    you can contact me at
  • Dear friends
    i am santhosh from (kovai)tamil nadu in india. i am studying nanotechnology in anna university coimbatore in tamil nadu state in india .already i am completed in M.Sc., nanoscience and technology in Bharathiar university. i want postdoc positions around the world my area is ENERGY BASED NANOMATERIALS AND ENERGY STORAGE NANODEVICE PLEASE HELP ME FRIENDS...........
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    • For post-doc you would need to get a PhD degree first.
  • Yor resume looks impressive. You have a paper published which is pretty gud. The best thing to do would be to look at different research pages of universities & look for areas of your interest. Then email the Profs who are doing work u like. Ask for an phone appointment or say u wud like to discuss your credentials. Some of them might ask u to apply to the univs & then email em. Anyways it's a shot to try. Also from your resume throw out shit like personal details & key strengths en hobbies. Make it look professional. And attach your resume when u email Profs. Best of luck buddy..
  • hey all,
    myself is Kiran Dasari finished master of Technology in Nanotechnology from Vellroe Institute of Technology University, India. I did my thesis work at Max-Born Institute, Berlin for 8 months. now i am looking for a Ph.D. position in nanomaterial synthesis and characterization.
    can any body help me out.
    thanks & regards,

    DASARI CV.pdf
  • Job on offer for a potential Ph.D student:
    Early Stage Researcher (PhD position) in the field of Biocorrosion: cooling systems in energy facilities

    Check it out at:
  • I want to do heandling of TEM
    is there any company to learn of TEM in india
    • hi, I am suja from Madurai, Tamil nadu.
      can you get me your mail id?
      • hii i friend hw r u?
        am Rajakumar .G ., M.Sc., Microbiology frm Vellore, now doing Ph.D., in Nanotech.. this is mail iD hope , u mail me ., lest discuss abt our project work
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    • bro,
      possibly, the best place for u to learn the TEM n SEM handling wud b at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. U wud have to have pay some amount and u wud provided with an opportunity to work n learn it.

      good luck.
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