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Nowadays nanotechnology has been reached a platform  where chemotherapeutic agents can be administered to brain by non invasive methods. Miniaturization in size  and surface modification  properties make nanoparticles   a peotential intra nasal drug delivery  agent for brain tumor.
Please share you ideas, comments and research experiences intra nasal drug delivery to brain tumor.

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  • How can clearance be overcome (in the airway/mucosal tracts, etc?)
  • In this case I think the perfect nanoparticle should be one that can penetrate or by pass the "blood brain barrier". Very few medications can accomplish that. Maybe the nanoparticle can follow a similar pathway as the fluoroquinolones do (enroflaxin /Baytril -registered brand). Baytril is an antibiotic that can penetrate the "blood brain barrier" easily.
    Another possible application for the intranasal nanoparticle can be the treatment of tumors in the sinus cavity. We need to remember the potential for toxicity affecting the respiratory system when using nanoparticles.
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