Need a mentor in silver nanoparticles

I am working with a company that wants to utilize the powers of silver through antimicrobials. The company is looking is to add these nanoparticles to their textile products in the dye bath. The company wants me to look at the most economic way of doing this whether investing in the equipment to manufacture or a supplier. Can someone point me in the right direction of the most efficient synthesis equipment to produce nanoparticles between 10 - 15 nm. What type of equipment is needed to produce on a mass scale. Please help me? What other info is needed to spec out equipment?



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  • You have to attach nanoparticles to the textile. The best way is through dipping it in the colloidal nanosilver solution containing some kind of resin. Another way is through compounding nanosilver with fabric material and then spinning it.
    You can try our nanosilver powder. We are the largest producers of nanosilver in India. We can send you upto 20g nano silver for free if there is some good volume projection.

    Anand Kumar

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  • Within the frames of mutual scientific and research motivation of adaptation of innovative technology to environment of mass consumption – we want to offer you our cooperation.
    If it is interesting for you and you want to get some testers of our product – just write us a letter on
    We can give you examples of our product free, 1gr. each metal, only. You can order silver nano powder from Neo-Eco Systems & Software Pvt. Ltd.. It is located in India. Prices are not high, depending on volume of order you can meet discounts. Just imagine - your company want to produce antimicrobal textile using one of technologies of nano powder production. It is better to buy some small quantity of silver nano powder from different companies with various technologies and make some experiments or (it is better) research, because smb can die or get ingured from your textile. So only this way you can check - what nano technology production is better for your business. I hope that my advice will help you)

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