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    Can anyone tell me that what are all the toxicological studies i can do with different nanoparticles.If anybody can answer for this it will be very usefull for my research. 

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    • Hello, I am doing also a researh on marine algae (dead red algae, Porphyta or Nori) and another alga Valisneria americana, and I hope to see if them have removal proprieties for heavy metal ions. If them form metal nanoparticles, I hope to be good for depoluting water.
    • Dear sir,

      Thank you very much for reply... i sent mail to your mail id but not yet received any reply.So p[ls send me im want to concentrate in environmental and human health aspect, looking for reply.
  • I guess that solely depends on the what kind of nanoparticles you are planning to work on. For example, metallic nanoparticles such as Ag, are shown less toxicity compared to semiconducting nanoparticles. Of couse, Cd and Hg are highly poisonous. Among semiconducting nanoparticles, chalconides (S, Se, Te) are found to be more toxic compared to oxide based nanoparticles. However, some oxide based nanoparticles, such as silica, are found to be toxic at certain doses. Bottomline is toxicity depends on several paramenters: composition, element, particle size, loading, functionalization etc.
    Recently I read an article on nano-toxicology in NanoToday "Can cells reduce nanoparticle toxicity?" by Huw Summers, (
    The authors describes that the cell can recover itself in certain cases from toxicity. An example of quantum dots is also mentioned. It is small article but quite intriguing. Have a look!

    There is report (Novel Materials in the Environment: The case of nanotechnology(2008)) form The Royel Commission on Environment Pollution on several aspects of novel material. One of the chapters (Chapter 3) addresses the in vivo impact of nanoparticles. If you are interested you can have a look:

    Hope this helps!!
    • thank you very much for your reply... will help a lot for my research and expectimg the same support in future also.
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